7 #covid Micro Wedding Ideas
The world around us has changed dramatically and micro weddings are becoming more and more popular, mostly out of necessity, but also for so many other reasons and they’re some of our favorites.
It's not all bad though...
Small weddings allow for couples to have a smaller guest list and make their big day feel more intimate. Plus, if your budget allows for it, having a micro wedding means there is more money available to spend on other parts of your wedding, like the perfect micro wedding reception (or heeeeaps of booze!)
To help you plan your perfect micro wedding reception, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites to inspire you. Whether you choose to go big, or keep it low-key, these ideas will help you decide what’s just right for you!
Move The Party Outside 
Whether you’re getting married in your backyard or saying your “I do’s” indoors, consider utilizing outdoor space for a reception area. This is also a great budget-friendly option! Outdoor areas are perfect for low-key wedding decorations or dramatic lighting floral installations, and even balloons. 

Add String Lights Around The Table 
When the sun goes down and it’s time for the reception, extra lighting becomes a necessity. There are a few ways to add lighting to your space, but an easy one is string lights. They don’t have to be twinkly—although that is a cute touch. 
String lights are easy to place anywhere, too. You can wrap them around the trunk of a tree, create a wall of lights, place them in glass bowls, or just string them above your reception. 

Have A Family-Style Dinner
If your guest list is over 10 people, try having one really long family-style table for your reception. This is a great way for people to get to know each other, and give it a more intimate, family feel. And if you feel like making the food family-style too, try minimalist table decor and opt for more dramatic decor to surround your guests.
micro wedding reception table outdoor string lights
Add A Chandelier To Your Outdoor Micro Wedding Reception
You don’t have to be dramatic to want an outdoor chandelier. Regardless of your wedding vibe,  chandeliers work with all types of wedding themes. 
Chandeliers provide extra light and a touch of glam to your wedding. They can be situated above the reception tables or strung on trees around your reception space. They don't have to be your traditional style chandelier either! Check out the one in the pic (above) made out of string lights and dried leaves.
Add Some Large Balloons 
Balloons aren’t just for birthdays and graduations. You’re celebrating your love, after all. So consider adding balloons or a balloon garland to decorate your space. They add something a bit more unique to your reception and are easier to take down. You can DIY it, find a vendor to help, or order them from Etsy

Use One Really Large Floral Centerpiece
If you want to make a big statement but don’t really want to cover the entire table, try decorating with one really large floral centerpiece. Just make sure you keep the arrangement short enough that you and your guests can still talk to and see each other!

Use An AirBnB Or Hotel 
If you want your micro wedding reception to be more unique, try finding a totally chic AirBnB. Not only could you find unique spaces to hold both your ceremony and reception, but it can help with your budget. Many spaces are already decorated and could be easily dressed up with some simple decor. 
If you’re looking for a venue with more room and catering options, head to a hotel nearby. Many hotels offer spaces to hold a reception and have restaurants on site. Since your guest list is much smaller, this would be an easier option to feed your guests and provide some dancing space. 

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